Manaʻo Nui awards merit-based scholarships for students of Native Hawaiian ancestry pursuing an education in the maritime industry and ocean-related careers.

We welcome all Hawaiian applicants who are, or will be, in a post-secondary institution or training program toward a marine career. More than just providing financial aid, our goal is for Hawaiʻi’s youth to achieve long-term sustainability and success. Find out more about our Scholarship recipients below.

Gyle McGurn

Growing up on Maui, Gyle McGurn felt most at home on the ocean. He swam, surfed, and paddled nearly every free moment; there was nothing like disconnecting and being in the open water. Although he always knew he wanted to do something on the ocean for a living, there was the question of what exactly that was. READ MORE

Hiʻilei Robinson

Driven and passionate, Hiʻilei Robinson makes the most of her opportunities. She grew up on an island in the middle of the Pacific, but she knows that the ocean is what connects her to everything around her. READ MORE