As a part of the Hawaiian community, we at Manaʻo Nui are committed to its success through our grants and scholarships program.

True to our name, meaning “great thought” or “wisdom,” we live for the pursuit of knowledge through ­education, training, and other advancement opportunities. As an organization operated by Native Hawaiians, for Native Hawaiians, we believe that these opportunities are just the beginning of our journey as leaders of the ocean. Explore the stories and lives Manaʻo Nui has touched—and discover how you can apply.



Manaʻo Nui awards grants to nonprofit schools and agencies which empower the Native Hawaiian community. These grants support organizations with ties to the ocean, perpetuating our values rooted deeply in Native Hawaiian culture. Learn more about how your organization can become a part of the movement.



Manaʻo Nui awards merit-based scholarships for students of Native Hawaiian ancestry pursuing an education in the maritime industry and ocean-related careers. We welcome all Hawaiian applicants who are, or will be, in a post-secondary institution or training program toward a marine career. More than just providing financial aid, our goal is for Hawaiʻi’s youth to achieve long-term sustainability and success.


Gyle McGurn


Hi‘ilei Robinson