Who selects the recipients every year?

The Manaʻo Nui, Inc. board members gather each year to evaluate carefully each application.


How are applicants evaluated and selected?

Applicants are selected based on their submitted materials—completed application form, essay, and letters of recommendation—as well as whether or not they have met the scholarship criteria.


Do I need to be a resident of Hawai‘i to qualify for an award?

No, you do not need to be a Hawai‘i resident. Check if you meet our criteria, by clicking here.


What does my scholarship award pay for?

Your scholarship can be used for expenses directly related to institution or school expenditures, including: tuition and fees, room and board, books and materials.


What do I do if I receive an award notification? When will the award money be processed and received by my school/program?

The award notification email will contain instructions on how to accept your award. If you have any questions about the award acceptance process, contact us at (808) 521-3334 or email


Can I make changes to my application after it has been submitted?

If you have any issues during the application submittal process, contact us at (808) 521-3334 or email


Is there any fee to apply for a scholarship?

There is no fee. Our scholarship application is free, and always will be.


How do I obtain a transcript?

You must contact your school/program for more information. Depending on the school/program, it can take up to several days to process and send an official transcript. Therefore, it is advisable to contact your school/program as soon as possible to ensure that you have all of your application materials before the deadline.


Who should I ask for a letter of recommendation?

A good place to start is by asking someone you consider to be a mentor, such as a teacher, coach, club/student organization advisor, or employer. It should not be from a relative or friend. A letter of recommendation should come from someone who can recognize your strengths accomplishments.

Before starting your application, please take a few minutes to carefully review our scholarship criteria and application instructions.