Manaʻo Nui, Inc. is a nonprofit Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) founded in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi in 2005. Our organization is a nonprofit NHO of federal law aimed toward assisting small businesses owned by disadvantaged individuals or groups. Most notably, Manaʻo Nui (meaning “great thought” or “wisdom”) is controlled by Native Hawaiians and its business activities principally benefit Native Hawaiians.


Our mission is to support students of Native Hawaiian ancestry pursuing an education in the modern-day maritime industry, ocean-related careers and other facets of the Hawaiian community.

Manaʻo Nui awards merit-based scholarships for these students toward their educational and career advancement, with an emphasis on formal education and training for skilled positions in the industry.

Our goal is to bring our vision of long-term sustainability and success into reality. Together, we help to enable our community to become self-driven and rise to the ranks they are truly capable of achieving.


The ocean is central to Native Hawaiian culture. It gives us life, allows for exploration and cultural expansion in the Pacific, and connects us to our ancestors. By embracing the rich history and accomplishments of our ancestors, we gain a better understanding of our identity and our connection to the ‘āina.

“Manaʻo nui” means “great thought” or “wisdom.” Today, our purpose is to harness the immense wisdom and knowledge of the past, engage the Native Hawaiian community of today, and set our sights toward a brighter future.

We are committed to reinvigorating the innate strengths of our community of today by recognizing our true value to the world at large. Many of our native community today—both young and seasoned in their careers—need the confidence, courage, and a stronger awareness of their own potential. Through our grants and scholarships program, the independent strength is placed back into the hands of our own people. Those who study, train and rise up the ranks can, in turn, teach and inspire the next generations.

In a world of chaos, with Manaʻo Nui, the Native Hawaiian community can rise as true leaders of the ocean and beyond. Opening the doors for education and training is just the beginning. The possibilities are as limitless as the waters we navigate.

We invite you to explore our Scholarships, Grants and Business Opportunities—and become part of our evolving story.


We offer scholarships to students of Native Hawaiian ancestry pursuing an education in the maritime industry and ocean-related careers.


Manaʻo Nui awards grants to nonprofit schools and agencies which empower the Native Hawaiian community.


As a nonprofit NHO, Manaʻo Nui is also capable of acquiring small disadvantaged businesses under the 8(a) Business Development Program. Under our wing, these 8(a) businesses owned by disadvantaged individuals can activate unique rights and capabilities within the federal and private procurement markets.